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The Effectiveness of Kinesiology

in determining and successfully treating stress related to food issues in animals (using a surrogate)


This Study has shown that Kinesiology is a very effective tool to determine and successfully treat stress related to food issues in animals, as each of the 14 animals involved in the study significantly reduced their stress levels and increased their life energy levels after a single Kinesiology balance.  Each animal received three balances over a period of six – eight weeks, to determine the long-term effectiveness of the balances.


There were 5 female and 9 male animals in my study population, of which 4 were cats and 10 were dogs. The mean age was 6.89 years and the median age was 7 years.  


Mean Stress and Life Energy Results

                                      Balance 1              Balance 2                Balance 3

Mean Stress Before              88.44%              88.08%                   81.42%

Mean Stress After                13.89%              13.05%                  10.67%

Mean Life Energy Before       30.33%              31.42%                   47.50%

Mean Life Energy After         90.11%              92.67%                   96.00%



The results from this study showed clearly that the animals’ health improved as they progressed through the trial.  In each balance, the p value was less than 0.05, indicating that their stress levels were lower after each balance.

Table 8 also shows that as the animals’ progressed through the trial, their mean stress was lower for the second balance and lower again for the third.  Similarly, their mean Life Energy increased for the second and again for the third balance.