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Welcome to East West Vets

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At East West Vets we practice modern Western medicine along with Chinese medicine, acupuncture and other forms of natural therapies in a modern, well equiped veterinary clinic. This combination enables us to provide more options for the treatment and care of your animal friends. We aim to provide a holistic approach to the restoration and maintenance of health that will give consideration to both the emotional and physical aspects of your pet's well being.

Located in Bentleigh we serve all of the Melbourne area. Find us here.

Our hours are:

8:00 am - 6:30 pm Monday to Thursday
8:00 am - 6:00 pm Friday
8:00 am - 12:30 pm Saturday
Closed Sunday and Public Holidays

Phone us on (03) 9555 1899 to book an appointment

Here are some of the many services we provide:


Dr Nevill puts needles in dog

This ancient therapy is excellent for arthritis and many chronic diseases. We use it to balance animals’ bodies to aid in the treatment of joint disease, inflammation, behavioural issues, and in the management of pain. It is excellent for arthritis and many chronic diseases. We take a holistic approach combining acupuncture, herbs and training.

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Chinese Medicine and Herbs

Jars of herbs

Chinese medicine and herbs have been used and fine-tuned for thousands of years. We use herbs to calm, invigorate, cleanse, nourish and stabilize the body. Our herbs have been successful in supporting immune system repair, behavioural issues, cancer, Cushing’s disease, liver and kidney issues, and many other health problems. These herbs are prescribed individually by a qualified Chinese herbalist who has performed a full assessment of your pet.

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Dr Brendan Atkin

Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine - a hands-on treatment which can potentially help your dog or cat with their mobility problems, rehabilitation following injuries or just to improve their overall health.

Osteopathic techniques are gentle and generally very well tolerated.

Our osteopath Dr Brendan Atkin is the only fully qualified animal osteopath in Australia. He now lectures in osteopathy in Melbourne, and has completed a Master’s program in the UK in Animal Osteopathy.

Brendan is currently on extended leave and will return around the end of January

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Laser Therapy

Cat having Lasr Tharapy

Our high power multi-wavelength therapeutic laser is a very effective non-invasive therapy.

It promotes rapid healing and is very useful after surgery or for treating injuries and joint problems.

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Complete Companion Animal Care

2 puppies running

We care for robust healthy animals as well as the sick ones. We look at balancing diets, coping with parasites, approaching issues with sensible careful investigation and avoiding drugs where possible. All of the standard veterinary surgical and medical procedures are available.

We believe in vaccinating all dogs and cats, and also offer titre testing to evaluate individual immunity in some patients where vaccination may not be possible.

Microchipping is required by local councils. We offer microchipping for new puppies and adult pets, with registration in the National Pet Registry.


Behaviour consultations

dog training

Behavioural issues are the most common reason for an unhappy human-animal bond and pets being surrendered. We look at mental issues from a broad perspective. Most pets will be happier with a good diet and perhaps the addition of herbal remedies, depending on the case. In most cases we can produce sufficient change to remove the critical problems.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

ultrasound scan

Ultrasound is a non-invasive, invaluable tool for investigating hidden problems and searching for the cause of perceived problems. Dr Harold Pook, an experienced veterinary internal medicine consultant, performs our ultrasounds by appointment, and can assist in the medical management of complex cases. We can also perform endoscopic or ultrasound guided biopsies and cardiac assessments.

Digital X-rays

ultrasound scan

We have an excellent digital radiography system which gives instant results with less radiation exposure for your pet. Information is critical to diagnosis as our pets usually do not tell us where it really hurts! Digital x-rays can be posted online to specialists and the international vet information sites for extra input.

De sexing

Dr Nevill puts needles in dog

We support neutering as a practical option. We perform this procedure on dogs and cats as well as pocket pets. It involves a day stay only, with the animal returning home that evening. The neutering procedures are performed under a full general anaesthetic in our modern surgery with full safety monitoring.

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microchip being inserted

As required by local councils, and a good idea anyway in case your pet becomes lost. The service includes registration in the National Pet Registry so you can be contacted no matter where your pet is found.


cat being vaccinated

We believe our every 3rd year vaccination is better for your dog or cat and is registered for kennels, clubs, etc. We also offer titre testing to evaluate individual immunity in some patients where vaccination may be contraindicated.

Geriatric care

older cat

This is a special interest. A majority of our patients are seniors. We deal with the painful, chronic or other serious problems of older age animals.

Palliative care

very old cat

In keeping with current trends in human palliative health care, we offer compassionate care for our patients suffering from terminal cancer, severe mobility disorders, and chronic diseases. A combination of acupuncture, herbal and food therapy combined with a discussion about environment and improvement in quality of life can provide you and your pet with comfort and reassurance during the final phases of life.

Our gentle, caring environment offers end of life services and cremation for your beloved pets.

Bereavement support

We believe that the issue of life and death has a spiritual foundation, and can help you and your family deal with the loss of your pet.

Intravenous vitamin C therapy

intravenous therapy

We are able to administer intravenous vitamin C treatments for cancer or other inflammatory diseases. A very useful therapy.


80% of pets over 18 months of age have dental disease so best get a check-up. Research has shown that bad teeth are tied to heart disease, renal infections, throat and sinus infections, and other health problems.

Diagnostic Services

We have on-site pathology machines giving blood results within the hour. Also endoscopes, digital x-rays, microscopy and an at-call consultant ultrasonographer.

Dietary and Nutritional Counselling

intravenous therapy

We examine the diet with respect to your animal’s metabolism. We can assess nutritional adequacy and check for dietary allergies. We usually recommend a substantial raw food component as a source of vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes.

Natural raw food diets

raw foods are good

We stock our own hand made raw diets sourced locally from high quality fresh produce, as well as a range of prescription pet foods and other pet products. We buy our fresh food from the local farmer’s market and combine raw meats with 10 fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit, and 6 fresh herbs, then we add 8 therapeutic spices and good Australian Olive oil. more...

Examinations and  Medical treatments

Incorporating both eastern and western approaches.

Exotic Pet and Bird Medicine

Kinesiologist and Emotional Practitioner

Penny Fitzgerald uses 'Emotion Code' kinesiology treatment to relieve anxiety and fear in emotional animals. more...

Pet Hotels

Pet pickup and drop off service operates to and from our clinic Monday to Friday. Hanrob Pet Hotels, Australia’s leading pet boarding and dog training specialist. To find out more about Hanrob Pet Hotels, visit or ring them on 9339 2800.

Pharmacy products

If appropriate.

Puppy School Pet Training

puppy training

In association with a neighbouring vet. more...

Surgical Procedures

In our well-equipped facility we offer all the normal surgeries and have developed some advanced techniques of our own with outstanding success rates.

Animals Treated

Cats, Dogs, Birds, Reptiles, Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, other Pocket Pets.