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Food allergies improved by Kinesiology.


Milly, relaxing on the beach. She has stopped scratching after participating in the research project.I have recently undertaken a Research Paper  “The Effectiveness of Kinesiology in determining food allergies in animals (using a surrogate)" and am now nearing the completion of this paper; early results are looking terrific.

I would like to thank everyone who has participated, and still is participating, in the study, and hope that you and your pets have achieved as much from it as I have.  I would also like to thank Ann Nevill and her staff for accommodating me in my research requirements.  I really do appreciate it.

So far, from my discussions with their human careers, I believe that everyone who has participated has gained a greater insight into their pet and the causes of food allergies.  Some were caused by stress and anxiety-related issues, some from digestive issues and some from environmental issues. Regardless, all the animals in the study have shown some improvement in the issues that were affecting them. Some have stopped scratching/itching/licking all together and some have improved to a more manageable level.

Angel (being held by Anna) and Jet (with Chris) have both benefited from participating in the project.By determining the cause of food issues and their associated stress, much relief can be gained by releasing the stress the animal has been holding and/or changing their diet.

Penny Fitzgerald
Kinesiologist and Emotional Practitioner


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